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Mathematical robust modeling, a modern approach in IRAN public budgeting

Sajjad Najafi; Adel Azar

Volume 15, Issue 2 , May 2011, Pages 1-20

  Mathematical robust modeling, a modern approach in IRAN public budgeting Abstract: Nowadays most of resource allocation is mental, empirical and based on the old methods. So it does not have generalization ability and mathematical confirm, Hence using from quantity theory for nearing of quantitative ...  Read More

Study of Factors Effecting on Buyers' ‎Commitment and Behavior in Industrial ‎Marketing ‎ ‎

- -; - -

Volume 15, Issue 2 , May 2011, Pages 21-46

  Commitment in industrial buyer and seller relationships is an important issue ‎of relationship-oriented marketing. Some of the benefits that marketers may ‎gain from commitment of industrial buyers include: favorable buyer ‎purchasing behavior, which leads to decreasing the seller’s ...  Read More

Preventive Maintenance Scheduling with Multi Skilled Workforce

majid Esmaelian; ahmad jafarnajad

Volume 15, Issue 2 , May 2011, Pages 47-70

  The purpose of preventive maintenance management is to perform a series of tasks that prevents or minimizes production breakdowns and improves the reliability of production facilities. The inspection, repair, and replacement of production equipment are tasks that are central to preventive maintenance ...  Read More

University Websites: A Comparative Perspective

- -

Volume 15, Issue 2 , May 2011, Pages 71-84

  Websites are a set of interconnected web pages grouped under the same ‎domain name. Websites are useful tools for introducing organizations to ‎their clients. They are best known for their ability to combine text with ‎graphic signs and other multimedia for the purpose of exchanging ‎information ...  Read More

Investigation of the Effective Factors on Creation ‎and Enforcement of Organizational Commitment ‎among the Public Banks’ Staff

- -

Volume 15, Issue 2 , May 2011, Pages 85-106

  This article introduces factors the effective on creation and enforcement of ‎organizational commitment, and then surveys these impact among the staff of ‎public banks. This study uses the survey research method to answer the basic ‎questions and hypothesis. Population is 8450 people including ...  Read More

Measurment of Governance Capacity: Concept, Modleling and Evaulation

SeyedYaghoub Hosseini; Ali Fani; Asghar Moshabaki

Volume 15, Issue 2 , May 2011, Pages 107-132

  Measurement of Governance Capacity: Concept, ‎Modeling and Evaluation Ali Asghar Fani1, SeyedYaghoub Hosseini2, Hassan Danaeifard3,‎ Asghar Moshabaki4‎ ‎1-‎ ‎ Assistant Professor, Faculty of Management & Economics, Tarbiat Modares University, ‎Tehran, Iran ‎2-‎ ‎ ...  Read More

Institutional explanation of hydraulic ‎ Structures in Iran‎

- -; - -

Volume 15, Issue 2 , May 2011, Pages 133-150

  The effect of the evolutionary trend of various sciences on organization ‎theory has considered the importance of external legitimacy along with the ‎significance of internal efficiency. If management is concerned with ‎instrumental rationality, sociology inclines toward cultural rationality. ...  Read More

Strategic Management of Logistics Services with ‎a Fuzzy QFD Methodology” “A Case Study in ‎Pars Electric Company”‎

- -; - -; - -

Volume 15, Issue 2 , May 2011, Pages 151-180

  Today world is changing rapidly. Communications are prevailing every day, ‎information access becomes easier and competition for selling goods gets ‎more sever. One can no more impose the customer to buying a good. It ‎seems that the most successful manufacturers emphasize on an important ...  Read More

Organizational Politics Perceptions and ‎Citizenship Behaviors in Tehran-located Public ‎Universities: Moderating Role of Workplace ‎Spirituality

- -; - -

Volume 15, Issue 2 , May 2011, Pages 181-204

  Organizations will to own employees doing extra-role behaviors voluntarily ‎in order to improve organizational performance. OB researchers are trying ‎for more than 20 years to identify predictors of these kinds of behaviors, ‎which are called organizational citizenship behaviors (OCBs). ...  Read More

Customer satisfaction measurement in Export Development Bank of Iran (EDBI): The Multicriteria Satisfaction analysis (MUSA) Method

iraj nouri; Komeyl Fattahi

Volume 15, Issue 2 , May 2011, Pages 205-229

  Customer satisfaction represents a modern approach for quality in enterprises and organizations and serves the development of a truly customer-focused management and culture. Measuring customer satisfaction offers an immediate, meaningful and objective feedback about clients' preferences and expectations. ...  Read More