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Designing of Comprehensive Model Privatization and Transfer of State owned Enterprises With policymaking Approach In Iran.

esfandiar mohamadi; - -; - -; - -; - -

Volume 15, Issue 4 , February 2012

  Adel Azar*, Rahmatoallah Gholipor**,Saied Mehdi Alavani***, Akbar komijani****, Esfandiar Mohammadi*****. abstract From the End of 1970s Privatization have become a Dominant Goal of General Policies of Governments. Every Country Based on its Special Circumstances Followed Special Model of Privatization. ...  Read More

Relationship between Financial, Investment, Financing, Dividend and Working Capital Strategies Alignment and Organizational Performance

- -; - -

Volume 15, Issue 4 , February 2012, Pages 1-27

  This paper aims at studying the strategic alignment between financial strategy and subsystems including investment strategy, financing strategy, dividend strategy, and working capital strategy based on a comprehensive model (based on strategic reference points, SRP's). Three alignment models could be ...  Read More

Designing and Implementing Management Information Systems (MIS) in Handmade Carpet Industry of Iran (Phase I: Feasibility Study)

yahia eslami; - -; - -

Volume 15, Issue 4 , February 2012, Pages 51-71

  Yahia Eslami *, Saied Farhad Hosseini2, Mohi Al-din Gharibi3 1- Assistant Professor, Department of Management, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran 2- Ph.D. candidate in Strategic Management, Tarbiat Modares University(Tmu), Tehran, Iran 3- Master of Business Management, Tarbiat Modares University ...  Read More

From public trust to political trust (A research about the relationship between public and political trust in iran)

mohammad khanbashi; - -

Volume 15, Issue 4 , February 2012, Pages 73-95

  Abstract Trust is the basis of many interactions in human societies; either interpersonal or social communications. Many factors such as lack of social capital, influence of critical media and especially decrease or lack of accountability in public institutions has diminished public trust to the government ...  Read More

Developing a model for discovering the causes of customer churn from banking services via hybrid approach of data mining and survey

ashraf norouzi; Babak Teymourpour; Sarvenaz Chubdar; Mohammad Mehdi Sepehri

Volume 15, Issue 4 , February 2012, Pages 97-125

  Customer churn management consist of three main phases: identifying churners, discovering the causes of churn and adapting appropriate strategies against this problem. Most of studies in this field focused on prediction of customer churn. Few studies about discovering causes of churn are just about testing ...  Read More

Estimate Optimum Model for Trips to Work Demand in the Places of Near the Multiplicity"


Volume 15, Issue 4 , February 2012, Pages 127-145

  most cities in the world, especially multiplicity faces big problems with traffic and several vehicles. City managers suggest two solutions for these problems. The first is to make supply increased and other one is to demand management. We know increasing supply need expensive and sometimes impossible. ...  Read More

The Path Model of Relationships between Perceived Organizational Support with Job, Professional and Organizational Variables

- -; - -

Volume 15, Issue 4 , February 2012, Pages 147-173

  The aim of this research was to investigate the relationships between perceived organization support with participation to decision-making, organizational citizenship behaviors, job scope, trust to supervisor, pay satisfaction, extra role behavior, job involvement, work involvement, promotion opportunity, ...  Read More

The role of ASYCUDA in organizational learning, technological distinctive competencies and customs performance

Vajhollah Ghorbanizadeh; Ali Baeidi Mofradnia

Volume 15, Issue 4 , February 2012, Pages 175-191

  Abstract Automated system for customs data (ASYCUDA) is one of the operating, supervision and control systems in the world customs offices that used to optimize customs clearance functions .This study aims to access the role played by ASYCUDA in organizational learning, employee's technological distinctive ...  Read More

Complications from finding gaps legislation and supportive government policies in the perspective of the Fourth Development Plan managers of small and medium industries in Tehran (By considering the 44th constitutional &line of vision 1404)

alireza mamghani; mohammad reza kabaranzade ghadim; kaveh teymoor nejad

Volume 15, Issue 4 , February 2012, Pages 193-215

  regarding Principle of 44 (privatization) in increasing entrepreneurship and developing industries by prospect of the vision 1404 ,which the announcement of the 4th five-year Development Plan of the country by the religious Leader in 2003 and its approval and implementation by related institutions regarding. ...  Read More

Model of the overall perceived value of mass customization products based on theories of interpersonal differentiation value

Soheila khoddami; َAsghar Moshabaki; Hamid Moradi

Volume 15, Issue 4 , February 2012, Pages 217-237

  Research on mass customization suggests that this type of offer delivers more value to the customer. This article provides answers to the following research question: How interpersonal differentiation value of the mass-customized Product influence the overall perceived value of MC?. we explore interpersonal ...  Read More