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This journal is published in collaboration with the Scientific Association of Industrial Management of Iran.

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The Journal of Management Research in Iran is one of the publications of Tarbiat Modares University, which is published under the scientific responsibility of the editor and the editorial board.
The Journal of Humanities in various fields of humanities has been published as a war since the fall of 1990. In 1375, he succeeded in obtaining a scientific-research degree, and since the spring of 1380, according to the policy of the Ministry of Science; Based on the specialization of journals, it was published in three fields of law, management and geography, which continued until October 2009. From October 2009 based on the new policy of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology to specialize journals; Modares Journal of Humanities (Management) was given permission to publish the journal with a new specialized title; According to which the journal of the teacher of humanities for management, will be published from now on with the title of "Scientific-research quarterly of teacher of humanities-management research in Iran". The scientific research journal "Management Research in Iran" is published by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance with a publication license number: 48320 on: 14/6/91.


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Original Article
Evaluating Chinese Automobile Manufacturers to Select Business Partner Using Choquet Integral & Shannon Entropy

Nazanin Maleki; Mohammad Reza Gholamian; Hossein Rashidi; Masoud Khandakhand

Volume 27, Issue 4 , January 2024, Pages 1-25

  In the current competitive market of automobile in Iran and the world, business partners play a key role in the success or failure of any organization. In fact, the survival, growth and development of businesses will depend on determining a strategic business partner. Therefore, choosing an experienced ...  Read More

Original Article
Presenting the native model of the contextual dimensions of the organization: identifying and ranking the contextual dimensions of the management of organizational processes

Seyed Mohammad Mahmoudi; MOHSEN MOMENEH; Adel Azar

Volume 27, Issue 4 , January 2024, Pages 27-57

  Organizations have shown a lot of attention to the management of organizational processes, but many problems and failures have been reported in the implementation, researchers have considered the lack of attention to the background conditions as the reason for these problems. The aim of this research ...  Read More

Original Article
Identification and conceptualization of strategic decision-making drivers of digital transformation in Iranian apparel retail organizations

Shokooh Sadat Alizadeh Moghadam; Asadollah Kordnaeij; Seyyed hamid Khodadad hosseini; Ayoub Mohamadian

Volume 27, Issue 4 , January 2024, Pages 59-88

  Digital transformation is rapidly changing apparel retail organizations. The high speed of new knowledge and the uncertainty of the fashion world do not allow organizations to make strategic plans, and force them to make strategic decisions in this field. Identifying and conceptualizing the drivers of ...  Read More

Original Article
A Dynamic Model for Readiness Assessment to Enter the Digital Banking Domain

Farshid Farokhizadeh; Azim zarei; Abbas Ali Rastegar; Seyed Abbas Ebrahimi

Volume 27, Issue 4 , January 2024, Pages 90-114

  To this end, organizations are planning to enter different digital arenas and evaluation of D-Readiness for measuring their level of success is of particular importance. Determining the degree of readiness to accept, use and apply new technologies and their related applications inside and outside organizations ...  Read More

Original Article
Enhancing Multilevel Customer Experiences in Pre-Purchase Interaction Points: A Scenario-Based Experimental Design

Fatemeh Askari; maryam nekooeezadeh; alireza amini

Volume 27, Issue 4 , January 2024, Pages 116-136

  The purpose of the current study is to identify the effective factors in improving the emotional, cognitive and behavioral experiences of customers at the most critical touch points before purchase. In this regard, a mixed exploratory design has been used in the form of two consecutive studies. In the ...  Read More

Original Article
A DSR Approach to predict liquidity risk using CNN and Sentiment Analysis

hamed mirashk; Amir Albadvi; mehrdad kargari; Mohammadali Rastegar Sorkhe; mohammad talebi

Volume 27, Issue 4 , January 2024, Pages 138-168

  The Design Science Research method (DSR) is an approach to provide practical solutions based on scientific principles in order to produce substantiated and inferred results and products, and at the same time, the results can be scientifically evaluated in the form of primary artifacts and practical use ...  Read More

Original Article
Designing the model of managerial roles research institutes and knowledge-based companies

ali molaei fard; masoud pourkeiani; malikeh beheshti Far; بیک زاده عباسی Bikzadeh Abbasi

Volume 27, Issue 4 , January 2024, Pages 170-189

  With the increasing influence of managers in achieving success in organizations and the need to improve their performance, the requirement to design development systems for managers should be considered more than in the past, and one of the most effective methods and solutions was to identify and analyze ...  Read More

Original Article
Operational plan to improve human resources vitality in social security organization (mixed approach)

ali tayyebi rahani; Yousef Mohammadi Moghadam; yahyamohamadi mohamadi; abdolah saedi

Volume 27, Issue 4 , January 2024, Pages 191-220

  Vitality of human resources is a completely emotional issue and in fact it is a positive state that is achieved in response to the constant interaction of the person with the meaningful elements of the job and work environment. Usually, cheerful employees have a favorable and satisfactory attitude towards ...  Read More

The evolution of human resource management knowledge in Iran

Mohammad Shahab Sheybani Far; Abbas Ali Rastegar; Seyyed Mahdi Alvani; Hosein Damghanian; Hasan Danai Fard Danai Fard

Volume 24, Issue 4 , December 2020, , Pages 156-175

  Adopting a scientific approach to management and human resource management in Iran is less than a century old. This study has studied the evolution of "human resource management knowledge" in Iran using the qualitative research strategy of the Grounded Theory. The research data were obtained ...  Read More

To assess digital supply chain in manufacturing industries (Case study: Bedding industry)

pezhvak mehdipour; AbdolHamid Safaei Ghadikolaee; Hamidreza Fallah Lajimi; hassanali aghajani

Volume 26, Issue 1 , April 2022, , Pages 139-163

  One of the main challenges constantly facing the majority of the organizations is planning to develop and improve processes and operations based on the adoption of new technologies, especially digital technologies, to react to the requirements of markets and competitive environments. Therefore, by using ...  Read More

Presenting a Conceptual framework of Customer Relationship Management in Electronic Banking with Emphasis on Using Business Intelligence Tools (Case Study: Sepah Bank and Merged Banks)

sayed mohammad reza vakil; kaveh teymoor nejad; mohammad reza motadel; mahmood moammadi

Volume 26, Issue 1 , April 2022, , Pages 246-271

  Customer relationship management provides the basis for customer optimal communication, customer loyalty and customer retention. This requires the design of customer-based strategies, the proper implementation and applying of technology, employee empowerment and increasing the level of customers knowledge. ...  Read More

The Dynamics of Accounting Information in Stock Valuation: An Industry-Based Analysis

Mohammad Amri-Asrami; Mohammad-Ali Aghaei

Volume 21, Issue 1 , May 2017, , Pages 29-63

  Industrial groups have interactions within and outside groups. In this paper, twelve industrial groups of companies listed in Tehran Stock Exchange are reviewed in order to evaluate linear information dynamics. Conservatism measures of “ratio of sum of price to sum of book value” and “mean ...  Read More

Bank-fintech Collaboration: A Systematic Literature Review

reza payandeh; Meisam Shahbazi; Manouchehr Manteghi; toraj karimi

Volume 23, Issue 4 , December 2019, , Pages 130-172

  The global banking industry, driven by new technologies and changing customer behavior, has undergone major changes unprecedentedly all over its history. As banks contend with innovation challenges in their processes, fintech companies benefiting from digital capabilities, deliver innovative and customer-centric ...  Read More

Original Article
Navigating the Future: Understanding Key Success Factors and Challenges in Web 3 Entrepreneurship

Amirali Moezzi; Ehsan Chitsaz; Majid Ahmadi

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 29 February 2024

  The emergence of Web 3, characterized by the integration of digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, and blockchain, has the potential to revolutionize traditional business practices. This transformative phase, referred to as Web 3 entrepreneurship, is disrupting ...  Read More

Original Article
Risks Identification and Assessment in Construction Projects: A Claim-based Approach

Mozhgan Sadat Masoudi; Amirali Foukerdi; Hadi Talkhabi; Seyed Kamran Ghoreishi; Gholamreza Ghadiri Ashkzari

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 29 February 2024

  Construction projects play an important role in the growth of GDP and economic progress of countries. However, these projects always face a diverse range of risks. If these risks are not identified and evaluated properly at the beginning of the project, and appropriate risk response strategies are not ...  Read More

Original Article
Investigating the relationship between the components affecting customer trust and satisfaction in mobile banking ecosystems

Ebrahim Zarepour Nasirabadi; Neda Ghamaripoor

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 29 February 2024

  Gaining customer satisfaction and trust by expanding the use of new technologies in banking systems is one of the most important challenges of banking in mobile ecosystems. Therefore, the present study aims to investigate the relationship between the factors affecting customer satisfaction and trust ...  Read More

Original Article
Providing an optimal business model based on creating data marketplaces in industrial units

Hossein Rahimi celver; golsum akbariarbatan

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 29 February 2024

  Data marketplaces can play a key role in realizing the data economy by enabling the commercialization of data between organizations. Although data marketplaces research is a rapidly evolving field, there is a lack of understanding about data mart business models. The current research project is carried ...  Read More

Original Article
Investigating and identifying the consequences of using artificial intelligence in marketing

Ghasem zarei; Rahim Mohammad khani; hajar fathi

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 29 February 2024

  The digital world provides many opportunities for marketers to reach customers. However, in the fast-paced world, finding new and innovative ways to market products and services is very important. Due to the advancement of artificial intelligence and its development in the field of international marketing, ...  Read More

Original Article
Exploring and mapping of effective factors in the branding of family businesses

Maryam Zaeimi; esmaeil malek akhlagh; salman eivazinezhad

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 29 February 2024

  The The current research has sought to identify and level indicators that are effective in branding family businesses. This research is applied from the objective point of view and mixed from the method point of view. The research community in the first part (qualitative) was experts, university professors ...  Read More

Original Article
Shared Leadership Model in knowledge-based Work Teams

Sayyed Hesam Kashani; Ali Shaemi Barzoki; ali nasr Isfahani

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 09 June 2024

  The research was conducted with the aim of designing a shared leadership model for knowledge-based work teams in Iran. In terms of purpose, the research is applied, and in terms of method, this research is mixed method by qualitative (grounded theory) and quantitative (survey). 15 experts was interviewed ...  Read More

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