Guide to editing articles
Dear authors, in order to avoid delays in judging and timely publication of the quarterly, please pay attention to the following points when submitting articles:

1- Modarres Magazine is open to articles only in the field of management research in Iran due to its specialization.
2- The article submitted in another journal has not been published or submitted to other journals at the same time.
3- The official language of the magazine is Persian. But articles in Arabic, English and French can also be reviewed.
4- The article should include Persian and English abstracts (200-250 words, equivalent to a maximum of 15 lines), keywords, introduction, main body, conclusion, appreciation of the sponsor or creditor (if any), notes (if any). ), A list of sources and references.
5- The article should be a research and the result of the research work of the author or authors. Review Articles from experienced authors and authors of research articles in the field in question are accepted provided that substantial sources of research documentation have been provided.
6. The paper should be typed on 4A sheets of paper approximately 1 cm apart with a ruby ​​font (for Latin articles with a Times font) and the right, left, top and bottom margins are 4 cm, under Word software. .

Article Title                        B Yagut 16 (Bold)
Profile of the authors        B Yagut 9
Abstract                            B Yagut 10
Title 1                               B Yagut 14 (Bold)
Title 2                               B Yagut 12 (Bold)
Original text                     B Yagut 11
Title Tables and Figures   B Yagut 10
Sources                            Times New Roman 10


7- The first page, including:

Full title of the article in Persian
Name of the author or authors in Persian (the name of the author responsible for correspondence with the star should be specified); Full address of the author in charge of correspondence: including postal address, telephone number, fax number and messenger address (e-mail) in Persian and English.
Academic rank and name of the institute or place of employment of the author or authors in Persian; For example: Associate Professor, Department of Information Technology Management, Faculty of Management and Economics, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran
Persian Abstract (maximum 250 words)
Persian keywords (maximum five words)
Full title of the article in English
Name of author or authors in English
Academic rank and name of the institution or place of employment of the author or authors in English
English Abstract (maximum 250 words)
English keywords (maximum five words)
      * Note: In the articles extracted from the master's and doctoral dissertations, the names of the student, the supervisor (professors) and the supervisor (s) must be mentioned, respectively.
 8- The submitted photos are accurate, clear and original, have a DPI of 300 and with dimensions (length and width) higher than one thousand pixels. After accepting the article; For printing (in the text of the article, the number of photos, tables and diagrams should be mentioned and their approximate location should be specified).
     Tables should be drawn only in software (Word 2003) and the maximum length of the table should be 12 cm.
     Draw charts in Excel software (do not scan); Formulas should be written only in Word 2003 and their numbers should be in Persian. If the formula is written in Word 2007 or higher (by transferring it to Word 2003, they will lose quality) and the author is responsible for this.

9- After the title of the results and suggestions, the appreciation of the sponsor or provider of the research credit (if any) must be written.

10- The source in the text of the article should be numbered in brackets and by observing the order of use in the text, it should be given at the end of the article in the references section for once. All references within the text must be specified in parentheses by mentioning the number in the reference list and the page number. [Complete source information should be given only once in the references section.] Total resources; 25 sources.
How to refer in the text for sources: *** Example: [1, vol. 2, p. 20].

11- English equivalents on each page with independent numbering for each page should be given in a footnote.

12- The method of referring to sources is as follows:
A- Book:
Surname, name of author or authors, title of book, name of translator, publisher, place of publication, year of publication, number of pages.
How to include it in the list of sources: [1] Siouti, Abdul Rahman, Al-Atqan, Fi Uloom Al-Quran, research by Abolfazl Ibrahim, Publications 2, Tehran, 1984.
B- Journal:
Surname, name of the author or authors, (abbreviation) article title, journal name, period, year of publication, page number.
     * Note: All Persian sources at the end of the article must be translated into English

     * Professors and students can submit the article and after determining the status, adjust it according to the journal format.

13. The articles will be judged confidentially by three expert professors after review and decision of the editorial board.

14. The responsibility for the accuracy of the article from a scientific and legal point of view lies with the author in charge of correspondence.

15. Translated articles are not accepted in principle.

16- The maximum volume of articles, including tables and curves, should be 20 pages.

17- Articles taken from the dissertation of students under the name of supervisor, advisors and students are published jointly and under the responsibility of the supervisor.

18. The Quarterly reserves the right to reject or accept as well as edit articles and is exempt from returning received articles.

19. The original rejected or canceled articles will be removed from the archive of the journal after three months and Modares Magazine will not have any responsibility in this regard.