regarding Principle of 44 (privatization) in increasing entrepreneurship and developing industries by prospect of the vision 1404 ,which the announcement of the 4th five-year Development Plan of the country by the religious Leader in 2003 and its approval and implementation by related institutions regarding. The main purpose of the research, it is tried to study the implemented regulations of these laws pertinent to the 4th from Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) management’s attitude. this Plans such as: in fields including giving financial loan to SMEs, creating industrial districts, preparing the facilities for information exchange, paving the way for marketing and exhibitions, empowerment of human resource and official mechanization and creating export clusters, were gathered and the questions regarding the supportive indicators were reviewed by help of 15 experts in executive organizations, and faculty teachers and 35 industries managers and after confirming the reliability and validity of the research, referred directly to 180 enterprises and performing 144 reliable interviews with industries managers and after testing the normalization of indicators, the research hypotheses were tested through T- Student Test in which the results showed that, the government’s financial aid to the industries was successful for SMEs industries management’s view while other supportive policies were not been successful.Gaps evaluation between the ideal situation and showed that financial support policies only to some extent close to ideal and have the rest of this distance it was suggested to try on the necessary suggestions by content analysis to improve the Gaps in the future programs.