most cities in the world, especially multiplicity faces big problems with traffic and several vehicles. City managers suggest two solutions for these problems. The first is to make supply increased and other one is to demand management. We know increasing supply need expensive and sometimes impossible. It's clear that demand management is the best. In each city there are different kinds of demands for trip such as trips to work, education trips, shopping trips and social trips. In this paper we estimate demand to trips based on trips to work that are home based from out of city to multiplicity.
The main reason for trips is different levels of well-being indices that are more in the multiplicity. Well-being in multiplicities is rather better than in life place.
In this paper we measured well-being indices based on 2006 year book Tehran that used in estimating job place, education place and etc. based on house hold census 2006.
The result show that work trips demand increase by increasing literacy index and residential units and decrease by increasing number of private vehicle the regression result. 0.83 percent of work trips demand explained with variable explanatory.
The results show a number of school , distance, sport place and … don't have significant effect on work trips demand.