Today world is changing rapidly. Communications are prevailing every day, ‎information access becomes easier and competition for selling goods gets ‎more sever. One can no more impose the customer to buying a good. It ‎seems that the most successful manufacturers emphasize on an important ‎principle; a simple and at the same time, difficult principle, namely ‎‎“customer service management”. Supply chain management and logistics ‎literature indicates that this principle has changed into a strategic goal for ‎organizations. Companies have found out that with, more customers’ ‎satisfaction and more market share can be obtained by enrichment of their ‎logistics performance. ‎
The methodology used in this research is based on quality function ‎deployment (QFD) approach. It shows that the application of house of ‎quality (HOQ) method improves the efficiency and effectiveness of logistics ‎services and therefore leads to customers’ satisfaction. Also, in order to ‎avoid subjective judgment weak points, fuzzy logic has been used. This ‎methodology has been performed in “Pars Electric Company” for ‎determining strategic activities in the strategic management of car radio. ‎