Customer satisfaction represents a modern approach for quality in enterprises and organizations and serves the development of a truly customer-focused management and culture. Measuring customer satisfaction offers an immediate, meaningful and objective feedback about clients' preferences and expectations. In this way, company's performance may be evaluated in relation to a set of satisfaction dimensions that indicate the strong and the weak points of a organization. In this research and for the first time in Iran; Multicriteria satisfaction analysis is offered for measuring and analysis of customer satisfaction in export development bank of Iran (EDBI).
The integrated methodology evaluates the satisfaction level of a set of customers based on their values and expressed preferences. This research has been performed in according to request of Customer Affairs and Branch Coordination Department in EDBI that by solution of several linear programming model (with respect to Hierarchical structure of customers' satisfaction dimensions), average satisfaction level and importance (weight) of each dimension will be achieved and finally by development of a set of quantitative indices and perceptual maps makes possible the provision of an effective support for the satisfaction evaluation problem.