The purpose of preventive maintenance management is to perform a series of tasks that prevents or minimizes production breakdowns and improves the reliability of production facilities. The inspection, repair, and replacement of production equipment are tasks that are central to preventive maintenance management.
An important objective of preventive maintenance management is to minimize the downtime of production facilities. In order to accomplish this objective, management personnel has to efficiently allocate resources and determine an effective maintenance schedule. Mathematical models have been developed to solve the preventive maintenance-scheduling problem of assigning skilled personnel to work with tasks that require a set of corresponding skills.
However, there are several limitations in the prior work in this area of research. The craft-combination problem has not been solved because the craft-combinations is assumed to be given. The craft-combination problem concerns the computation of all combinations of assigning multi-skilled workers to accomplishing a particular task. In fact, determining craft-combinations is difficult because of the exponential number of craft-combinations that are possible.
This research provides an integrated solution for the preventive maintenance-scheduling problem with multi-skilled workforce constraints.
Two novel preventive maintenance-scheduling model is formulated to automatically produce the optimal solution and craft combination.