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Original Article
Identification and Prioritization of Banks' Efficiency Evaluation Indicators Using Factor Analysis and Fuzzy Delphi Method

Sajjad Jalali; Ali Asghar Anvary Rostamy; Jalal Seifoddini

Volume 27, Issue 3 , October 2024, Pages 1-28

  Banks, as key participants in the financial market, play a crucial role in expediting production processes and driving economic growth. They achieve this by gathering savings and idle liquidity, and channeling these resources into vital economic sectors. Enhancing efficiency and performance is a primary ...  Read More

Original Article
Identifying the value creation components of human resources in selected government organizations in the field of culture

Mojtaba Arabi; MirAli Seidnaghavi; Reza Vaezi; Alireza Koshki Jahromi

Volume 27, Issue 3 , October 2024, Pages 30-55

  Value creation is one of the oldest concepts in the field of management and economics. Despite the simplicity of the concept of value, the depth and exact meaning of this word has not been investigated by researchers as it deserves. This is when the importance of creating the value of human resources ...  Read More

Original Article
The process model of the mediating institution of innovation in the creation of shared inter-institutional values

Kambiz Ghods; abolghasem sarabadani; Seyed Sepehr ghazinoory

Volume 27, Issue 3 , October 2024, Pages 57-77

  Development in specialized ecosystems requires value creation and innovative businesses. Studies show that the creation and exchange of value between institutions can lead to the development of ecosystems. This research was conducted with the aim of providing a process model of the intermediary institution ...  Read More

Original Article
Providing a strategic integrated model of human resource empowerment in the water and wastewater industry

Akbar Sheidaei habashi; Soleyman Iranzadeh; Houshang Taghizadeh

Volume 27, Issue 3 , October 2024, Pages 79-108

  Strategic human resources can be considered as an excellent way to manage employees and coordinate with the future goals of the organization. With this perspective, human resource empowerment programs are formulated in line with the organization's strategies.The purpose of this research is to provide ...  Read More

Original Article
Optimizing the supply chain of hospital services

mohammad bandari; adel azar; Kiamars Fathi Hafshejani

Volume 27, Issue 3 , October 2024, Pages 110-133

  There is a kind of supply chain services that the products are not considered as a commodity, and a combination of products and service or only service is exchanged in these chains. Despite the importance of these supply chains, the research literature is not very rich and the need for further strengthening ...  Read More

Original Article
Developing a model for responsible corporate strategies with a meta-synthesis approach

masoomeh ghasemi shams; vahid khashei Varnamkhasti; mohsen Akbari

Volume 27, Issue 3 , October 2024, Pages 135-160

  The main purpose of this research is to identify and develop a model for responsible strategies of companies with the meta-synthesis method. The present study is developmental in terms of purpose, qualitative in terms of data nature, and terms of data collection is a documentary meta-synthesis. For this ...  Read More

Review Article
Bibliometric systematic review and content analysis of agricultural product distribution system studies

Allahyar Beigi firoozi; Mohammad Bashokouh Ajirlo; Naser Seifollahi; Ghasem Zarei

Volume 27, Issue 3 , October 2024, Pages 162-195

  The distribution system of agricultural products has the important responsibility of delivering food to households and reducing hunger around the world. In this regard, the present research was conducted based on interpretative paradigm with the aim of a systematic bibliometric review and content analysis ...  Read More