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Original Article
Designing and Verifying the Conceptual Model of Digital Transformation in Project-Based Organizations of Iran's Oil and Gas Industry

Esammoddin Firouzbakht; Ali Rezaeean

Volume 26, Issue 4 , February 2023, Pages 1-27

  In the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, digital technologies have revolutionized businesses, and no business is an exception to this rule. Despite the vital role of project-oriented organizations of Iran's oil and gas industry in the economy Iran, so far no comprehensive research has been conducted ...  Read More

Original Article
Analysis of Consumers' Perception of Dairy Products: A Semiotic Approach

shahriar azizi; raheleh ashouri; salman eivazinezhad

Volume 26, Issue 4 , February 2023, Pages 29-52

  This study aims to identify the specific perception of high-consumption audiences of national brands of dairy products labeled "traditional". Therefore, it analyzes and compares the message of the sender (package designer) and what the recipient (recipient of the goods) has received. To achieve the goal ...  Read More

Original Article
Desining and explaining a model for managing up(case study: Isfahan Province Gas Company)

mahmoudreza nematbakhsh; ali nasr Isfahani; ALI SAFARI

Volume 26, Issue 4 , February 2023, Pages 54-75

  Nowadays, since the employees have significant intellectual maturity, they seek to create interaction and organizational empathy between themselves and their superiors. This has resulted in more participation of employees in organizations. The purpose of this article was to design and explain managing ...  Read More

Original Article
the mediator job dissatisfaction and moderating ambition in Impacts of the Overqualification on Withdrawal behaviour and job Search behaviour;

Mohammad Hakkak; Hamed Ghasempour; Ardeshir shiri

Volume 26, Issue 4 , February 2023, Pages 77-95

  In this study, the effect of high-level competence perception on the emergence of withdrawn behaviors and job search behaviors with the variable role of job dissatisfaction mediator and moderator of ambition has been investigated. This research is a correlational description in terms of quantitative ...  Read More

Original Article
To diagnose the pattern of public education governance in Iran.

malihe Hashemi; Mahdi Mortazavi; Hamed Rahmani

Volume 26, Issue 4 , February 2023, Pages 97-121

  Objective: The purpose of this study was to diagnose the pattern of public education governance in Iran. Method: In this research, a mixed-methods research design has been used. In the qualitative stage, the content analysis strategy using Atlas TI software and theoretical sampling method were used. ...  Read More

Original Article
Marketing Tactics for Iran’s Non-Oil Trade Development with Focusing on the Economic Potential of Eurasian Union

Parnian Ghertasi; Rahmat Ali Saberi Haghayegh; Alireza Farokhbakht Foumani

Volume 26, Issue 4 , February 2023, Pages 123-143

  The export of agricultural goods, especially nuts, plays a significant role in providing foreign exchange income from non-oil exports. Due to the inadequacy of the models presented in the existing theoretical foundations, this research was conducted with a developmentalist view of the non-oil economy ...  Read More

Review Article
Co-evolution bibliometric analysis in organizational sciences

farzaneh bayattork; ali mobini dehkordi; kamal sakhdari; Abolghasem arabiun

Volume 26, Issue 4 , February 2023, Pages 145-169

  Co-evolution is one of the new scientific concepts and structures that have been used in the organizational field which adapted to biological ecosystems. This concept, passing the concepts of cooperation and co-competition in organizational populations, is expanding the literature in this field.This ...  Read More