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Original Article
Designing and Explaining the Model of Alliance Proactiveness in High-Tech Companies

Ghadir Shakibajamalabad; Mohamad Hasan Gholizadeh; Mohsen Akbari; Mostafa Ebrahimpour

Volume 26, Issue 3 , November 2022, Pages 1-24

  Alliance Proactiveness (AP) refers to the organization's innovative response to identifying and responding to strategic alliance opportunities. This study seeks to provide a model of AP for high-tech firms in order to act competitively and synergize with potential partners to achieve superior business ...  Read More

Original Article
Identify the Factors Affecting Collective Decision-Making and its Consequences

Seyed Mohsen Mirbagheri; Ata Ollah Rafiei Atani

Volume 26, Issue 3 , November 2022, Pages 26-45

  The main issue in management science is decision making, and the success or failure of any manager can be considered dependent on his decisions. One of the methods that can help a lot in the correctness of managers' decisions is collective decision-making. This article tries to explain the concepts related ...  Read More

Original Article
Factors Influencing Online Buying Experience Through Retail Mobile Applications using Interpretive Structural Modelling

Parisa Ghandvar; Naser Azad; Abdollah Naami; Fataneh Alizadeh Meshkani

Volume 26, Issue 3 , November 2022, Pages 47-68

  This study aims to identify the factors Influencing the online buying experience through retail mobile applications and modeling their internal communications. In this regard, an attempt was made to screen and finalize the detected indications using the Delphi method with the assistance of experts, based ...  Read More

Original Article
Proposing a Model of Human Resource Management in Knowledge-based and Innovator Companies

mohammad khademi kolahlou; seied mohammad sahebkar khorasani

Volume 26, Issue 3 , November 2022, Pages 70-93

  The emerging literature of human capital promotes the role of knowledge staff as a key source of innovation in knowledge-based and innovator companies and requires innovative employee capabilities in terms of management programs. In that regard, this research aimed to provide a model of human resource ...  Read More

Original Article
Analyzing the role of skepticism green advertising and usefulness of information on intention to purchase green products with the moderating role of independent and dependent self-interpretation among users who visit organic ads on Instagram

mahdi nezhadbarnji; Ramin Bashirkhodaparasti

Volume 26, Issue 3 , November 2022, Pages 95-116

  In order to gain a better understanding of the ecological movement of a particular nation, it is important to test how consumers in that country view environmental issues and, consequently, how they behave. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to Analyzing the role of skepticism green advertising ...  Read More

Original Article
Scenario Writing for the Future of Driverless Cars

Hamid Hanifi; Adel Azar; Manuchehr Manteghi

Volume 26, Issue 3 , November 2022, Pages 118-143

  Researchers have stated that the main cause of car accidents is human error. Autonomous vehicle or driverless car can probably eliminate human error. They can also bring other benefits such as resource efficiency and reduced traffic. Many companies, such as Google and Tesla, have moved into the development ...  Read More

Review Article
Bibliometric analysis and literature review of cause-related marketing

Mostafa Zandi Nasab; Masoud Keimasi

Volume 26, Issue 3 , November 2022, Pages 145-171

  Cause-related marketing is an attractive way for companies to gain a competitive advantage, where it evokes a sense of altruism and benevolence in customers. Companies and organizations use this method to achieve their business goals and respond to corporate social responsibility. However, research in ...  Read More

Review Article
Effective Factors in Consumer Mindset Relationship with Brand Engagement: A Meta-Synthesis Approach

Razie Zilaie; Mohammad Ali Babaie Zakliki; Abbas Abdollahi

Volume 26, Issue 3 , November 2022, Pages 173-192

  This study intends to identify the factors affecting the formation of the relationship between consumer mindset and brand engagement, and therefore, investigate the importance of mindsets in consumer behavior field. Previous research that examined consumer mindset are scattered and mostly use a certain ...  Read More