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Reflection on Interest group s’ influences on budgeting in Iran

sahar nikmaram; - -; - -

Volume 16, Issue 1 , May 2012, Pages 1-18

  Abstract Budget process is one of the most important policy processes in every state which can be an area for using various interest groups’ power, groups that involve in bargaining process to gain further resources and profit. These influences are important for their role to hampering growth and ...  Read More

The Best Human Resource Management Practices in Successful Organizations

- -; - -

Volume 16, Issue 1 , May 2012, Pages 19-37

  In contrast with contingency theories in strategic human resource management that emphasize on the best fit between business strategies and HRM strategies for achieving higher performance, universalistic approaches emphasize that there are some best human resource management practices and strategies ...  Read More

Goal Discriminant Analysis A New For Classification Strategy In Management Science

ased azar

Volume 16, Issue 1 , May 2012, Pages 39-51

  Classification of statistical elements is one of the challenging areas in management science. This subject has changed to an interesting research areas. Although methods of cluster analysis and discriminant analysis are used as common methods in the classification, there is a doubt about their application ...  Read More

Study of Structural Relationships between Organizational Service Orientation, Contact employee Job Satisfaction and Citizenship Behavior (Case Study: Mellat' Bank Branches in Tehran)

- -; yahia eslami; hasan jajly

Volume 16, Issue 1 , May 2012, Pages 53-72

  Today, the economy based on service have preference on production' orientation economy and necessity of presentation of High quality and superior services resulted in that organizations considered human capital as the key factor in obtaining competitive advantage. When employees of an organization can ...  Read More

Proposing an Integrated Model of Clustring, AHP and kano Approaches for Service Recommendation With a Case study in Saman bank of Qom

Arash Shahin; reza salehzadeh; - -

Volume 16, Issue 1 , May 2012, Pages 73-91

  The purpose of this paper is to propose an integrated model of clustering, AHP and Kano approaches. Based on customer segmentation and value achievement of each segment, the new model is expected to recommend appropriate service for each segment. Statistical population of this research includes customers ...  Read More


pegah mazaheri far; HASSAN GHALIBAFASL; - -

Volume 16, Issue 1 , May 2012, Pages 93-106

  In this thesis we considered the effects of macro-economic factors on stock returns in order to estimate the risk free rate of return. For doing so, we used monthly returns of companies from 1383-1 to 1387-12.The sample of this thesis was consist of 48 companies which were present in stock market. Then ...  Read More

Application of Markov Chain Model to Provide the Appropriate Model of Tax Discount with Dynamic Programming Approach

ahmad rajabi; - -

Volume 16, Issue 1 , May 2012, Pages 107-129

  Since at the present time, one of the major revenues of the government are from taxes, realizing the amount of tax revenues and making decisions of policies likely to enhance earnings in proper times with considering the tax current value is very important. According to the Markov chain method capabilities ...  Read More

Evaluating and prioritizing the barriers of implementing the Public Services Management Law

- -

Volume 16, Issue 1 , May 2012, Pages 131-148

  Evaluating and prioritizing the barriers of implementing the Public Services Management Law Countries Administration implement through basic and public policies. Policies should be proven by Parliament to become laws. After that, implementation phase is one of the most important stages in policy ...  Read More

Prediction of financial distress base on Multivariate Discriminant and effectiveness of efficiency score in improvement of model

- -; - -

Volume 16, Issue 1 , May 2012, Pages 149-168

  *Mahmoud mousavi shiri,accounting department , Payame Noor University,Tehran,I.R.of IRAN Mohamad reza Tabarestani, Islamic Azad University of mashad In this research Multivariate Discriminant Analysis used as an effective model for pridiction of financial distress and noticed to ability of efficiency ...  Read More

Strategic Alignment of Knowledge Management in Organization

- -; - -

Volume 16, Issue 1 , May 2012, Pages 167-188

  The aim of strategy alignment in knowledge management value chain is to create and develop strategies for knowledge management in organization in order to align and overlap with grant organizational strategy. So this strategy should guide all organizational resources to create added value and achieve ...  Read More