The purpose of this paper is to propose an integrated model of clustering, AHP and Kano approaches. Based on customer segmentation and value achievement of each segment, the new model is expected to recommend appropriate service for each segment. Statistical population of this research includes customers of Saman Bank of Qom. After random sampling, 144 questionnaires have been used for data analysis. After data collection, the clustering approah has been used and clusters have been prioritized by the AHP approach and finally, the needs of each cluster have been determined using with the Kano methodology and appropriate service has been recommended for each cluster. The number of clusters has been addressed as four and the clusters have been prioritzed as the second, the third, the first and the fourth cluster. In the first cluster, customers' needs are distinguished as more, one-dimensional, attractive and indifferent; in the second and third clusters as more must-be; and in the fourth cluster as more one-dimensional. The results imply that the integratoin of the three approaches forms an empowered technique by which, an organization can achieve competitive advantage through market segmentation, valueable customer recognition/satisfaction