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Effective Factors and Consequences of Organizational Resilience

zahra kowsar; Amin Nedaei; Mirali Seyednaghavi

Volume 23, Issue 4 , December 2019, Pages 1-22

  The past disorders of internal and external crises ever had the greatest impact on organizational performance. Organizational resilience is one of issue that has attracted expert’s attention in recent years, because of increasing disruption of the organizational processes of the various crises ...  Read More

Screening export markets by identifying and prioritizing effective macro indices in steel industry

Alireza Mansouri; Bahram Ranjbarian; Ali Kazemi; Majid mohammad shafiee

Volume 23, Issue 4 , December 2019, Pages 23-54

  Selecting a country or countries for entering foreign markets is considered a strategic decision that require significant consideration and deliberation. The quality of such decision will bring about some conditions and necessities for an enterprise and can potentially affect the possibility of advantage ...  Read More

Investigating macro management attitudes in citrus production of Iran using a system dynamic modeling approach under R&D interventions and sustainability aspects

Nasser Safaie; Armin Cheraghalipour; emad roghanian

Volume 23, Issue 4 , December 2019, Pages 55-79

  Todays, in addition to the economic aspect, paying attention to the social and environmental aspects has contributed to the sustainability of the supply chain. On the other hand, macro management attitudes for profitability are considered as a key component in the robustness of various industries, including ...  Read More

Designing risk control model for enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation through the Grounded Theory (GT) approach

Seyed Saeed Mirhosseini; Adel Azar; Amir Afsar; Saeed Jahanyan

Volume 23, Issue 4 , December 2019, Pages 81-101

  The emergence of ERP systems as an integrated and process-oriented information system that supporting all activities of the organization, has led to significant improvements in the performance of deploying organizations. One of the success factors in the implementation of ERP systems is the proper identification ...  Read More

Segmentation of generosity behavior within the framework of charity social marketing

saeed masoodipoor

Volume 23, Issue 4 , December 2019, Pages 102-129

  Resolving the problem of poverty requires treatment of people in need of help to help the needy. Social charity marketing is used as one of the most effective and effective tools for encouraging and encouraging contacts to help the needy. In the process of social marketing planning, market segmentation ...  Read More

Bank-fintech Collaboration: A Systematic Literature Review

reza payandeh; Meisam Shahbazi; Manouchehr Manteghi; toraj karimi

Volume 23, Issue 4 , December 2019, Pages 130-172

  The global banking industry, driven by new technologies and changing customer behavior, has undergone major changes unprecedentedly all over its history. As banks contend with innovation challenges in their processes, fintech companies benefiting from digital capabilities, deliver innovative and customer-centric ...  Read More

Presenting a Scale for Customer Clustering in Domestic Product Preference; a Case Study in Automotive Industry

Mahmood Hasanzade; Seyed Hamid Khodadad Hosseini; Asghar Moshabbaki Esfahani; Parviz Ahmadi

Volume 23, Issue 4 , December 2019, Pages 173-196

  Abstract: In a year named as "Supporting Iranian Goods", more attention has to be paid to the tendency of preferring domestic products. The present study, for the recognition of different groups of consumers in terms of the preference for domestic products, has offered a new scale in order ...  Read More