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A Comparative Study of Islamic and Current Administration

Jalil Baharestan

Volume 8, Issue 20 , December 2004, Pages 1-37

  The article aims at a comparative study of Islamic and Current administration. To make the subject and its aims accessible, two research questions have been put forward: Question one: How can the assumptions, pre-requisites and the essentials of Islamic administration be distinguished from Current administration? Question ...  Read More

Investigating Organizational Culture of Management Colleges of Tehran Universities and Their Role in Productivity of Colleges

Mohammad Hossein Pourkazemi; Gholamreza Shakeri Navaei

Volume 8, Issue 20 , December 2004, Pages 37-63

  At the present time that our country is passing through a critical period, the role of the administrative, industrial and educational organizations is inevitable in the economic operation and development of the country. But the fact whether all of them have been successful in making an effort to obtain ...  Read More

Investigation and Introduction of Worth Industrial Activities Fields in Order to Job Create Productive Job

Bijan Safavi; Zahra Aghajani

Volume 8, Issue 20 , December 2004, Pages 63-90

  One of the most important factors which alter job creation to a necessitate is non-oil export capabilities development. The country's foreign exchange income will be increased through paying attention to worth industrial activities Fields. Iran, with huge resource of raw materials, origins and Labor ...  Read More

A Model for Measuring Strategic Planning Effectiveness Based on Hoshin Kanri

Mohammad Aghdasi; Ali Reza , Ghasemi Javid

Volume 8, Issue 20 , December 2004, Pages 91-108

  Strategic planning is presently considered as a key managerial process. Despite the abundance of literature on strategic planning, few research projects have focused on the measuring of strategic planning. This paper offers a diagnostic toll and twenty key features for measuring strategic planning effectiveness ...  Read More

Designing a Comprehensive Model to Evaluate Performance and Rank of a Company

Ali Asghar Anvary Rostamy; Seyed Abdoljaber Ghodratian Kashan

Volume 8, Issue 20 , December 2004, Pages 109-135

  One of the most important difficulties with existing companies ranking models is their emphasis on just one critical index, such as income or sale. In other word, they rank companies in terms of their activity size not their performance, excellence and advantages. The aim of this paper is to remove this ...  Read More

A New Model for Personnel Selection & Placement In Organizations by Using an Artificial Neural Network

Mohammad Reza Amin Naseri; Mahmood Mohammadi; Adel Azar

Volume 8, Issue 20 , December 2004, Pages 135-157

  “Selecting right Person for the right job” in the organizations seems to be the most important managerial issue. Traditionally, this is realized through a “simple Job- Person Match”, which is an “Individual view”. This methodology, by some trends and paradigm shift in human resource management ...  Read More

The Social and Mental Impacts of Retirednesson Faculty Members (The case of Tehran University)

Meysam Mousaei

Volume 8, Issue 20 , December 2004, Pages 157-180

  This paper focuses on the economic, social, and psychological impactcs of retirement on the faculty members of Tehran university. This is an important issue. On one hand, the population of retired people in many sociteies is getting larger, and larger. On the other hand, the employed people feel a kind ...  Read More

And TQM Approaches and Developing a Suitable for the Iranina Industries

Manoochehr Najmi; Changiz Valmohammadi; Rasoul Noorossana

Volume 8, Issue 20 , December 2004, Pages 181-212

  This paper discusses a comparative study between ISO 900:2000 standards and two groups of total quality management approaches, one proposed by different intelligents such as, Crosby, Deming, etc. and the other by two widely used quality awards namely EFQM and MBNQA. Based on this study seven criteria ...  Read More