“Selecting right Person for the right job” in the organizations seems to be the most important managerial issue. Traditionally, this is realized through a “simple Job- Person Match”, which is an “Individual view”. This methodology, by some trends and paradigm shift in human resource management (i.e. Team Working), should be evolved to a “Group viwe”. In this study, “interpersonal interactions” is added to the traditional one.
First, the suggested model for personnel selection and placement is formulated into a Quadratic mathematical form and then a Hopfield neural network has been used to solve it by using Matlab software, a well known and validated software for neural nets. The results show, there is a significant difference between the mean of solutions by traditional view (based on individual level) and the mean of solutions by the new suggensted one (based on group level): t(19) = - 10.966, P-Value=0.000.