One of the most important factors which alter job creation to a necessitate is non-oil export capabilities development. The country's foreign exchange income will be increased through paying attention to worth industrial activities Fields. Iran, with huge resource of raw materials, origins and Labor forces have a considerable potential to be developed through industrial activities channel. In other word, industrial sections are not only able to affect commercial development but also may create new opportunities. So, in order to facilitate commercial development, increasing efficiency and productivity, raising production power and job creation in industry recognition and introducing of worth industrial activities must be noticed. In this research, understanding more about different worth industrial activities in order to increase job creation was studied. Priority of job creation in Iran industrial sections is determined by using seniority of important index (Compatible with ISIC codes) and numerical taxonomy method. According to this study priority of different industries considering job creation aim are as below:
1- Textile industry 6- Print and paper industry
2- Mineral industry 7- Miscellaneous industry
3- Wood industry 8- Basic metals industry
4- Machinery industry 9- Chemical industry
5- Food industry