Document Type : Original Article


1 PhD student, Faculty of Management, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

2 Associate Professor, School of Management, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

3 Professor, School of Management, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran


Sustainability in businesses and organizations is a significant issue today.Sustainable marketing aims to create more value by creating social and environmental values for its target customers.Accordingly, the purpose of this study is to investigate the factors affecting sustainable marketing in the detergent industry.This study was performed by qualitative research method (Grounded Theory) and quantitative research (structural equations models).The qualitative section was done by interviewing 20 experts and the quantitative section was done by a questionnaire presented in 9 companies in the detergent industry.Based on the results of the qualitative section, the components in the 6 main networks of the grounded theory were categorized as follows: Axial phenomenon including sustainable marketing; Causal factors including environmental, economic and social dimensions; Underlying factors include the principles of Confucius; Interfering factors include sanctions and inflation; Strategies include customer support and increasing customer welfare and outcomes include customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and improving company performance.Also, the results of the quantitative section showed that causal factors affect the axial phenomenon by 0.495.Underlying and intervening factors affect strategies by 0.466 and 0.361, respectively.Axial phenomena affect strategies by 0.423 and strategies affect outcomes by 0.807.


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