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Reduction of lead-time Production by Using Value Stream Mapping and Simulation

Akbar Ghadrdan; Haydeh Mottaghi

Volume 18, Issue 4 , January 2015, , Pages 161-181

  Most of the organizations employ lean production techniques in a separate manner for eliminating the waste. However, in some cases, in spite of spending huge amount of costs for implementation of these techniques, they could not reach the planned benefits. Therefore, creating a mechanism in order to ...  Read More

Strategic Management of Logistics Services with ‎a Fuzzy QFD Methodology” “A Case Study in ‎Pars Electric Company”‎

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Volume 15, Issue 2 , May 2011, , Pages 151-180

  Today world is changing rapidly. Communications are prevailing every day, ‎information access becomes easier and competition for selling goods gets ‎more sever. One can no more impose the customer to buying a good. It ‎seems that the most successful manufacturers emphasize on an important ...  Read More

The Design of the Product Beauty Value Engineering

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Volume 14, Issue 2 , September 2010, , Pages 173-202

  Progressing environment and competitive market in the recent years have caused shorter product life cycle. Therefore, organizations have to keep up with the other competitors in introducing products conformed with customer demands, if they want to survive. On the other hand, designing and offering new ...  Read More

Product Quality Improvement by Implying Design of Experiment (DOE), (Case Study on MgO-C Brick in Pars Factory)

Hydeh Mottaghi; Mojdeh Rabbani

Volume 11, Issue 20 , December 2007, , Pages 161-179

  Nowaday, product quality of industrial factories ,has become the challenge for their market share in competitive world .Design of experiment (DOE), as one of the newest methods of improving quality, defines the significantly effective factors and sets their optimum levels by running the experimental ...  Read More

Designing a Heuristic Model to Improve the Productivities of Concurrent Machines in Electronic Industries

Hayedeh Mottaghi; Hayedeh Mottaghi

Volume 8, Issue 33 , September 2004

  Nowadays mumerous machines are used for production in electronic industries. Considering the high cost of in vest ments on these machines, how to increase their productivity is an important problem in thiese industries. In this article it is tried that with, studying the functions of concurrent machines ...  Read More