Nowaday, product quality of industrial factories ,has become the challenge for their market share in competitive world .Design of experiment (DOE), as one of the newest methods of improving quality, defines the significantly effective factors and sets their optimum levels by running the experimental design. Among all, the fractional factorial designs runs, have priority to others because of the decrease in the number of In Iran, Despite its disability in resolving interaction effects,Taguchi design as the fractional design subgroup, has been used sofar for its easy analysis.
In this article, a fractional design with high- resolution degree, was defined as a case study on the refractory brick quality in Pars Refractory factory. To reach this target, the fractional design 25-1 with the high resolution degree of V,was designed and run. The results showed that controlling and setting the main interaction effects in the optimum level, lead to the minimum operation time and 41% increase in product quality.
Research and development units can cause promotion in the quality of products by implementing fractional designs with suitable resolution degree and analyzing the main and especially interaction effects.