Progressing environment and competitive market in the recent years have
caused shorter product life cycle. Therefore, organizations have to keep up
with the other competitors in introducing products conformed with customer
demands, if they want to survive. On the other hand, designing and offering
new products to the market in some industries imposes enormous costs to the
organizations. Automotive industry is one of these industries. This research
was accomplished with the focus on the product of “Samand“ in “Iran
Khodro” company. Nowdays, the necessity of launching a new product can
be greatly realized, but it seems to be impossible due to the urgency of
executing the so called project and also the lack of monetary resources.
“Face lift designing“ can be regarded as a suitable approach to solve the
mentioned problem. The goal of the research is to find out the parts that
considering the monetary limitations, could bring out the best “Face lift“
design for the company. To ascertain this goal, value engineering (VE) and
analytical hierarchy process (AHP) were used.
Four populations consisting of customers, experts, automotives designers
and strategic planners were used gathering data from the two populations of
customers and designers. In conclusion, considering budgetary constraints of
the company, those parts, which due to the redesigning of them, best face lift
design might be obtained were orderly determined as bumpers, lights, side
mirrors and gutter.