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1 Assistant Professor, Faculty of Public Administration, North Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

2 Professor, Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Imam Hassan Mojtabi University of Police Sciences, Tehran, Iran

3 PhD student, Faculty of Public Administration, North Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


Vitality of human resources is a completely emotional issue and in fact it is a positive state that is achieved in response to the constant interaction of the person with the meaningful elements of the job and work environment. Usually, cheerful employees have a favorable and satisfactory attitude towards themselves and others, have balanced social relations and evaluate their life process and others positively. The current research was conducted with the aim of presenting an action plan for the vitality of human resources in the social security organization. The research is applied-developmental in terms of purpose and inductive-deductive in terms of its nature and method. According to the approach of the research, which is among the mixed researches, so that the statistical population of the research in the qualitative part consists of experts (experts, managers and experts) who have theoretical mastery, practical experience, desire and ability to participate in the research and 26 were selected using the purposeful sampling method. In the quantitative part, the statistical population includes customers, due to its unlimited number, 384 people were selected using a random method. The data collection tool in the qualitative part is a structured interview, and also in the quantitative part, the data collection tool is a questionnaire. In this way, the state of vitality of human resources, the level of satisfaction and happiness of customers and finally the state of customers in terms of happiness and vitality were measured and analyzed by the variables of social security organization, indicators and components of vitality of human resources and finally the model was formulated. . Finally, based on the obtained information and model; Using the action research method, the operational plan of organizational vitality for the social security organization was expressed in the form of employees and customers.


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