The purpose of this research is to study the co-authorship among researchers in field of strategic management in Iran. The method of this research is descriptive-analytical and has been done by scientometric approach. The statistical population of research consists of all articles and authors of internal articles in field of strategic management and collectively contain 320 articles in 32 internal journals related to this field that have been identified during the period from 2001 to 2016. Social network analysis was used for analyzing data and also UCINET and Gephi software has been used in order to analyze co-authorship network. The findings show that the most used authoring pattern to produce these articles is two-authorship. 606 unique authors have contributed to form the network of articles, that 102 authors among them have played an influential role. This research showed that Azar, Khodadad Hosseini, and also jointly Hosseini and Seyedjavadin have earned first to third ranks in terms of frequency of articles. Azar, Khodadad Hosseini and Hosseini respectively were ranked first to third in rank centrality.


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