This study is aimed to determine individual, psychological and organizational factors contribution in predicting Karaj municipality staff competence. Research methodology is descriptive and correlational where population included all staff in municipality in the 2014-2015. For research sample 300 employees were selected using stratified sampling. Designed standard questionnaire included: a) creativeness, b) Haplin & Kraft organizational climate competency assessment cite, d) Spritzer & Mishra psychological empowerment, e) Salovi & Mayer emotional intelligence & f) job motivation. Cronbach alpha coefficient for reliability testing was suitable. Regression results showed that personal characteristics couldn't predict competency significantly, and just psychological empowerment & emotional intelligence could predict employee competency significantly & organizational characteristics could predict competency significantly.
One of the scientific offers obtained from this research is that the managers of Karaj municipality can increase the level of efficiency of their organization by increasing the level of employee’s competency based on the contribution and influencing each individual, psychological and organizational factors. Results of this research can use for improving employees competency.


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