In the past two decades, explaining the technology strategy as one of the most crucial needs of various entities was particularly considered and many experts in the field classified it at a higher level than other operating strategies in terms of its profound influence on other operating firm operational strategies. The aim of developing technology strategy in an organization is the method of achieving competitive advantage position and how to realize the long-term technological goals. In this study in order to formulate technology strategy in the steel industry after reviewing the conducted studies a model was presented based on the strategy map and the identification of key processes. First, the key processes were identified according to the company's strategic goals. Then, the key process technologies with process approach were identified through the interview with senior managers and the study of electronic sources. Finally, in order to evaluate the identified technologies, the matrix of technology feasibility/attractiveness was used. By putting the technologies in the matrix, 7 technologies were placed in the area of high feasibility and attractiveness, 1 technology in the area of low feasibility and attractiveness, 4 technologies in the area of moderate feasibility and attractiveness, and 2 technologies in the area of high feasibility and moderate attractiveness. For each area an appropriate strategy was proposed.