Cloud-based knowledge management systems to create competitive advantage through cost reduction and performance improvement are. Implementation of knowledge management is expected in the organization and operation of the valuable benefits it entails the identification of factors affecting the success of the implementation of the design and implementation makers.This research using mixed or combined in both qualitative and quantitative research has been done. The grounded theory method of qualitative and quantitative descriptive method - has been used. Success factors and the model output data of the Foundation. To conduct field studies, based on selected factors, a questionnaire was drawn up and the importance of success factors and the priority to the polls between knowledge management and cloud computing experts have been laid.Based on results obtained seven factors, including prioritizing, respectively, including those related to trust management factors, human factors and cultural, organizational factors, technical factors, economic factors, environmental factors are. The most important consequence of detected using these systems include reduced time in the process of knowledge management, improve performance and increase competitive advantage