Abstract Although formulating a consistent strategy is a difficult task for any management team, making that strategy work and implementing it throughout the organization is even more difficult. Without execution even the most brilliant strategy is useless. Being successful requires skills and knowledge to carry out strategic decisions and plans. Research shows that human factors are important factors in the successful implementation of organizational strategies . This study surveyed the factors influencing successful strategy implementation in top Iran‘s banks. this is as a mix study that used grounded theory to get insight about experiences in implementing strategy successfully through in – depth interviews with 18 scientific - practical expert including managers, assistant directors , and academic professors . in order , gathered data to design a model of successful strategy implementation. According to guidelines of open and axial coding, in form of 22 sub- category were conceptualized and classified in 6 main category and finally the model was developed. This model also explain factors influencing the successful strategy implementation and also how these elements interact with each other. outcome of model including goal and vision achievement, organizational consensus and Organizational Agility. Key words: strategy, successful strategy implementation, behavioral perspective