Today's world is more competitive than ever, and industry increasingly looks to supply chain management as a competitive weapon. the objective of this research is to suggest an integrated approach for Closed Loop Supply Chain network including two phases. In the first phase, a framework for supplier selection criteria in RL is proposed. Beside a fuzzy method is utilized to evaluate suppliers based on quantitative and qualitative criteria. The output of this stage is the weight of each supplier according to each the second phase, we propose a Multi Objctive mixd-integer linear programming model to determine weight of suppliers and amount of item for purching from them(strategic decisions), as well as weight of remanufacturing subcontractor and dedicate product to them (tactical decisions), and find out the optimal number of part and products in CLSC network(operational decisions). The objective functions maximize profit of selling, minimize factory cost as well as cost of unsatisfied demand and rest of them maximize weight of suppliers and allocate return product between recoverable centers in factory and remanufacturing subcontractors. the mathematical programming model is validated through numerical analysis.