The need for flexibility in manufacturing, increased competition, and quick response to meet customer demands in the right time are the necessary subject of discussion in a manufacturing area. There are a number of reasons that affect on a flexible manufacturing system. Scheduling is one significant reason, and affects on a policy that has a direct connection with the dispatching rules. The selection of a rule can be based on several criteria, in which each criterion influences the interactions between them. Thus, a model for the analytical network process (ANP) is needed to find an appropriate dispatching rule. Also, due to the problem nature and uncertainty in the process of pairwise comparison and interactions between the criteria, as well as the selection of dispatching rules, there is no single exact method to be used for solving the presented model. Therefore, considering the existing characteristics in multi-criteria decision making (MCDM) under uncertainty, the ANP model with the interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy set is used. Then selection of the dispatching rules considering the view of industry experts is done. Finally, the appropriate ranking for this selection is proposed.