In today’s dynamic and competitive markets, industries and services require the methods, which can overcome the environmental challenges, and provide non-wasting production and services to the customers. Such tools can be achieved through pure production method. Therefore, by studying the literature review of pure production models in the supply chain, 14 major identification factors were identified in the form of a questionnaire presented to the experts and managers of automobile industry supply chain in order to specify the relationship and sequence of these factors through ISM method, and then confirm using path analysis technique. In this regard, these factors were located at five levels. The first level includes wasting and contentment of client; the second level is related to source control and continuous improvement; the third one involves the structure of material flow, supplying development and selection; the fourth level consists of educating and empowering, contacting with client and supplier and information flow structure; and the fifth level includes management behavior, methods and staffskills. The order of factors has helped the managers that if they implement these factors for the improvement of production methods and approaching to a pure production, from which factor they would initiate.