Abstract Nanotechnology policy making in different countries is performed using various programs. Each country according to its own characteristics and uses of various actors is endeavored critical to the development of this critical field of application. In Iran a special committee of nanotechnology as the key responsible to policy making in this area was formed in 2003 and two years later, Nanotechnology Development Plan has been formulated. This research using Network Analysis Approach is aimed to focus on Nanotechnology Strategic Plan in order to find that to which extent decision making in this area is based on optimal and efficient networking between involved programs and actors in the field. Research findings are showed that there is a relatively significant distribution and balance of power among actors and programs and also an network of communications and co-operations have been formed. Finally, in some of sections, there are centers of power in the network that these arose from the circumstances and needs of the country and have been formed based on purposeful policy making.