Science has explored the power and influence of human emotions in human mental life and is going to explore and define the locus of excitement and emotions in human activities , moods and behaviors. In intelligence literature, studies has evolveed from rational intelligence - based on diagnosis – moving toward emotional intelligence in management literature, dating back to 1990's. It is considered as an organizational behavior of management skills. Researches have shown that the degree of the emotional intelligence of effective leaders is very high. The managers who are emotionally intelligent are effective managers who can achieve organizational goals, with maximum productivity together with the employees' satisfaction and commitment. Because the leadership style as an ongoing behavior has a determining role on the employees' commitment. The basic question is: how do the role of leadership styles (transformational- transactional) affect the process of components of management emotional intelligent on the employees' organizational commitment. In this research , a conceptual model was developed by using different experts, views with respect to the question. The results showed that
two kinds of leadership styles are complementary and affect the relationship between emotional intelligence and employees' organizational commitment .The transformational leadership style affects the relations of intrapersonal , general mood and stress management components of the managers, emotional intelligence on employees' organizational commitment.The transactional leadership style affects the relations of the adaptability and interpersonal components of the managers, emotional intelligence on employees' organizational commitment. The effectiveness of transformational leadership style(R2=% 53) is more than transactional leadership style (R2= % 47).
Keywords: Organizational commitment-Ional intelligence-Intrapersonal component- Adaptability component-Interpersonal component- General mood component- Stress management component- Transformational leadership-Transactional leadership. leadership style (R2= % 47).