In this research, five entrepreneurship characteristics consisted of achievement need, independent need; risk taking, creativity and determination, for the assess went of entrepreneurship profile of mazandaran university's students were measured.
According to the results of the survey, of the 1843 students of this university, about 21 percent have entrepreneurship characteristics. Total mean score of the students with entrepreneurship characteristics was equal to 39.67, but the total mean score of un-entrepreneur students group was 29.89.In general, total mean score of the students was 31.92.There was a significant difference between this and the minimum of the acceptable mean (=37).
On the other hand, determination trait (with the mean of 7.8) in comparison with other characteristics was more observed among the students of this university. The scores of achievement need, independent need, risk taking and creativity of students were a little different with the minimum of the acceptable mean of these characteristics.