At the time of entering to the new millennium, changes are occuring with great speed. Today is different from yesterday and tomorow will be different from today. Successful companies, therefore, will be forced to pay more attention to three definite points: extention of globalization, amazing progress of technology, and beginning of world disorder in economy and trade. Recently, marketing models have been used in order to organize the complicated issues in rivalry environment so as to enable us to think through a simple method and to take more effective decisions.
This article tries to conceptualize and test a model of marketing for Persian carpet export as one of the most important export items of the country. A conceptual model of research has been designed and offered based on relevant the principles and theories and through using the views and ideas of the experts and managers of the art and industry of Persian carpet. On this basis, a questionnaire was designed to evaluate the viewpoints of four statistical groups including governmental organizations, producers, exporters, traders and retailers of the Persian carpet. The research findings show a meaningful difference in the relationship and the effects of the model ingredients. The finding of this study provide a basis for policy and decision makers in export marketing especially for carpet industry.