Human resources are one of the valuable sources in every organization that causes the organization development. Nowadays with changes in organizations and their environment, career management of human resource is one of the main strategies for providing a necessary background for development and improvement of human resource and finally the whole organization.
One of the basic factors that has an important role in this case is career management of staff. In this basis, the existance of officient managers who whould have necessary skills to lead career management of staff with development and change in required in each organization.
So in this research, three skills in the form of three hypotheses and rate of their importance are considered and discussed.
The results of this research:
1. The effectivness of “self-knowledge skill” on “career management” is at the first level.
2. The effect of “environmental-knowledge skill” on “career management” is at the second level.
3. The effect of “interpersonal-knowledge skill” on “career management” is at the third level.