Human resources are the fundamental consideration of any organization, and the development of organization depends upon the effective and optimum use of the resources particularly its manpower. The ideal systems cannot accomplish their programs without creating appropriate background in their manpower, and the most crucia point is that the program in itself relies on a kind of discipline. On the other hand, set of behaviors of the people within an organization form organizational behavior, and then social behavior which in turn forms social discipline. In other way, social discipline is the result of discipline and order of the individuals in social system. The simplest and the most understandable illustration of discipline is that anyone in any place and in any profession does his/her best obeying the law. cultural activities Scientific survey and recognition of the relationship between different elements and this social phenomenon can help establishing a powerful social discipline Besides within the organization. To do so, this paper which is the result of a scientific research an the relationship between social discipline and some organizational elements aims to present a short summary of the findings and the results of related scientific research papers.