Entrepreneurship is a new phenomena Iin Iiran and the research in this subject especially in women entrepreneurship is very limited. In spite of the fact that most of the Iranian Women coperate in economic and, social aspects and especially in higher education, the society is not reaping the rewards of all their cooperations and efforts in economic affairs.
On the other hand, different strategies of men and women entrepreneurs in start up process and business management as well as their different views to success are the sources of differences in their businesses.
In favor of total knowledge of Iranian women’s businesses and the factors that influence the process of start-up, a vast and national research on educated women entrepreneur population was done through a questionnaire built for this subject. The questionnaire was and corrected by the experts and a pretest. This article presents a part of the results about strategies and views of Iranian women entrepreneurs to success. The results point out that Iranian women entrepreneurs start their businesses by planning and presentation of the best quality of products or services. This planning results in prosperity of their businesses. Iranian women entrepreneurs also view success of business in obtaining personal satisfaction and improvement of their abilities, then in profit.