This editorial is a summary of the result of the research on “Recruitment ‎Strategy for Military Operational Personnel” The experience of the eight-‎year imposed war and the neutralization of the internal clashes by the ‎military forces after the victory of the Islamic Revolution proved that some ‎percentage of the operational personnel encountered problems engaging with ‎the enemy. It was then admitted that they had not taken up the right job to ‎occupy for their life.‎
Accordingly, the researcher attempted to study the type of personalities that ‎fit these kinds of high-risk engagements, with a view of screening the right ‎persons before they are employed for such high-risk operations. Recruiting the ‎individuals rightly fitting the job would ensure that the work done for their ‎improvement will be highly efficient, as intended by the rule of “Compatible ‎Work Environment with Personality Type” for employees “efficiency”, ‎corresponding with the most important factor of “Combat Readiness” as ‎reckoned in the military organizations. Besides military personnel, the ‎research was extended to other high-risk areas including firefighters maybe ‎other rescue workers, and the findings maybe recommended for all such ‎instances.‎
No need to emphasize that individual’s personality matching with the job, ‎brings the strongest relation with the enhancement of whole organizational ‎efficiency and effectiveness, which, in turn, means optimizing in the use of ‎the whole resources in the organization.‎
This research has been identified a backdrop of 82 factors as connected ‎with efficiency, “Personality Fitness with the Job” among them being chosen ‎for expounding.‎
Examining this factor, it was resolved that out of the 16 types, introduced ‎by Isabel Myers and Katherine Briggs, types ESTP, ISTJ, and ISTP ‎ are the ‎best one with regards to the operational personnel and should be taken into ‎consideration in the course of selections and recruitment