The purpose of this research is to explore the effects of three stressor ‎variables including role ambiguity, role conflict and role overload on the use ‎of the three major tactics of impression management, which are ingratiation, ‎supplication and intimidation. The effect of utilizing these three tactics on ‎the two major job variables of job tension and the appraisal of employee ‎performance has also been considered. Impression management is a ‎subcategory of political behaviors, during which individuals try to control ‎their influences on the others and in fact, form their own image in the other ‎people’s minds and influence the decisions in their own interests. The ‎findings of this research suggest that in response to the role stressor ‎elements, tactics related to impression management are used, which ‎somehow affect the stress felt by employees and the appraisal of their ‎performance by their supervisors. The statistical population includes is all ‎employees of Qom Education Departments. This correlative survey research ‎is definitely based on structural equations modeling. The implementation of ‎structural equations modeling will show the confirmation of most of the ‎hypotheses and validation of the conceptual model of the research.‎