This paper shows that stakeholders attempt to rely on the reports issued by ‎experts for demonstrating their corporate reputation. On the other hand, ‎experts can affect our attitude and understanding about organizations by ‎using their own criteria. This paper tries to introduce Fortune model and ‎Fombrun Reputation Quotient, which are used for reputation measurement in ‎the western countries. Furthermore, it introduces the Industrial Management ‎Institute Index (IMI100), since there is no other similar list of superior ‎companies in use. ‎
The reader will find out that in today’s conditions, the most favorable ‎streams toward reputation measurement are based on social expectations, ‎whereas there are other reputation measurement streams like reputation ‎measurement that are based on company personality or trust to company. We ‎will try explore the weak and strong points of the IMI100 and bring out ‎some suggestions to improve this model according to social expectations ‎measurement.‎