This research has examined the effect of change process variable on ‎commitment to change with attention to emotional involvement as a mediator ‎variable. Statistical population contained all managers and specialists of ‎Khorasan Regional Electric Company (mashhad, Iran). Randomize stratified ‎sampling was selected as a way of research sampling. A questionnaire ‎containing 6 variables based on Likert’s five scales for collecting data, was ‎used. Validity and reliability of the questionnaire were supported by face ‎validity and calculating the Cronbakh’s the Alpha´s coefficient for each ‎variable. Normality of the variables distribution was confirmed by ‎Kolmogorov – Smirnov test. Structural equations model and Path analysis by ‎using Lisrel software were used for data analysis.‎
The results of this researched show that, the level of commitment to change ‎and emotional involvement was upper than medium. Also, emotional ‎involvement had a mediator role on the commitment to change between all of ‎the process variables except the time variable. Further, there was a meaningful ‎difference between managerial level and specialist level related to the ‎variables of commitment to change, emotional involvement, support of top ‎management, participating in decision making and line leadership, but there ‎was no meaningful difference between the two managerial levels in none of ‎the above mentioned variables.‎