Objective: The purpose of the present research is to study the relationship ‎between the alignment of different typologies of strategies for organizational ‎change strategies (structure, technology, culture, human resources and goals) ‎with improving the performance .‎
Methodology: The sampling of the present study was done on foreign airlines, ‎which are operating in Iran and the total population way under examination as the ‎subjects of the research. This study was done through both qualitative and ‎quantitative methods. The qualitative method included the grounded theory and ‎the data collection for this research was made by observation, interview and ‎Literature review. The applied quantitative method was a correlational field study. ‎The instrumentation was made through three researcher-made questionnaires. ‎
Results: Applying of the qualitative and quantitative methods approved that the ‎more the performance of the airlines improves, the more the typologies of strategic ‎reference points and strategic change variables will increase. Meanwhile, the more ‎the alignment among the typologies of organizational change strategies increases, ‎the more will be their performance (efficiency and effectiveness).‎
Conclusion: The results gained in both qualitative and quantitative methods are ‎in harmony with each other and it can be declared that making alignment ‎between the typologies of organizational change strategies (structure, ‎technology, culture, human resources and goals) can improve the performance.‎