One of the main issues in human resource management is employees' ‎discipline that concentrates on controling and preventing the employees from ‎misconducting. There are three approaches of discipline including ‎traditional, progressive and positive. In traditional approach, when any ‎unaccepted behavior happens, the managers react immediately and punish ‎the non-obedient worker, but in progressive approach, the managers do a ‎progressive and step-wise action. In positive approach, not every kind of ‎punishment is accepted; the workers should have time to correct their ‎unaccepted behavior. In this paper, we tried to show the social science ‎propositions of these three approaches as ideal types of employees' discipline ‎and suggest new type of discipline according to Quranic instructions. ‎Strategy of this research is qualitative; and we used analytical approach to ‎reconcept the discipline in a typological framework through management, ‎social science thinkers and Quran text. Finally, four approaches were ‎suggestedto employees' discipline through ontological dichotomy. At the end ‎of this paper, we explained the transcendental employee discipline as ‎Quranic approach to discipline. ‎