In recent decades, information technology, especially with all aspects of our life and professional career has been stirred. Because IT applications in different fields and the rapid growth of computers in organizations, to review the level of acceptance and rejection of information technology in organizations have special significance. Hand with the growth of research in various fields related to the IT acceptance and dealing with a scattering of information and information explosion, control over all aspects of this area is largely impossible. Therefore, the combination of research studies conducted in this matter to extract the systematic and scientific results for researchers is very important. In this study using meta-analysis methods with comprehensive meta-analysis (CMA) software, for examining a large number of theses, articles and researches done in connection with the adoption of information technology in Iran, 19 studies with 21 hypotheses and variables have been selected. The results of meta-analysis shows that employee empowerment, extent of use of technology, perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness of IT had the most influence on the acceptance of information technology in the Iranians organizations.