Abstract . This research intends to identify the relationship between Individual and Organizational Values with Organizational Commitment in Al-Mahdi Aluminum Company in Hormzgan Proneinc. The research universe included 1000 employee and by using sampling method in a limited universe (Cochran's formula) a sample of 165 people was selected, Schwartz questionnaire was used to measure individual values , a researcher made questionnaire used to assess organizational values, and Balfour and Wechsler questionnaire was used to measure organizational commitment . Reliability coefficients of these questionnaires were 90%, 81% and 73% respectively. Based on correlation, research data were analyzed with SPSS software and research hypotheses were tested using techniques of inferential statistics. The results confirmed all hypothesis and showed that there is a relatively strong correlation between "individual values" with "continuous commitment". Also a significant and positive correlation between organizational values such as identification commitment and exchange commitment was observed. Key words: values, individual values, organizational values, organizational commitment