Abstract:High death rate as a result of the Road Traffic Collision (TRC) in Iran, and the concomitant financial and economic damages, is alarming and requires an immediate attention and proper solution. Taking the culture of safety into consideration, this research aims to offer a model for enhancing road safety. In order to achieve this goal, I have done a comparative study of successful methods adopted by several countries, in dealing with this problem. Based on these findings, I have developed a model and designed Delphi Panel In three Periods Dimensions, components, and the required indicators were found and their importance in Hierarchical analysis was determined. The panel members are composed of specialists and authorities in the area of road safety. Findings of this research show that adoption of any and each of the above mentioned components would enhance the road safety culture. Adopting a flexible approach in each circumstance constitutes the most important aspect of my model. This is because, under each particular circumstance, by enhancing certain factors, we will be able to achieve our goal of enhancing the culture of safety