Document Type : Original Article


PhD Student in Marketing, Department of Business Management, Faculty of Social Sciences, Mohaghegh Ardabili University, Ardabil, Iran


Data marketplaces can play a key role in realizing the data economy by enabling the commercialization of data between organizations. Although data marketplaces research is a rapidly evolving field, there is a lack of understanding about data mart business models. The current research project is carried out by necessity with the aim of developing markets based on digital technology and information data for industrial units. This research is qualitative in terms of approach and applied-descriptive in terms of purpose, the research strategy is based on grounded theory and the formation of theory is done using constructivist approach (Charmas). The statistical population includes experts in the field of startups and information technology managers, 12 of whom were selected by theoretical sampling and participated in the research through in-depth semi-structured interviews. The result of this was the extraction and design of optimal business model categories based on the creation of data marketplaces, which include the following components: Contingencies (financial incentives, new production factor and clustering of digital content), background conditions (market structure and data matching between supply and demand), intervening factors (information asymmetry, ethical risks and transaction uncertainty), strategies ( market design, data engineering and data science), outcomes (improvement of social surplus, self-regulating network of mutual exchanges and intelligent multilateral markets). Finally, after finishing the analysis on the qualitative data, the codings have been presented in the form of a model. The research results can help business managers to earn money from data assets.