In modern business environments, agility is advocated as the fundamental characteristics for competitiveness. Little research, however, exists which provides integrated methodologies suitable to be practically adopted to enhance agility of companies. In this research, we utilized an original approach, which, by linking competitive bases, agile attributes and agile enablers, aims at identifying the most appropriate enablers to be effective for increasing company´s agility. The approach is based on the quality function deployment (QFD) methodology, and, in particular, on the house of quality (HOQ), which has been successfully adopted in the new product development field. The whole scaffold exploits fuzzy logic, to translate linguistics judgements required for relationships and correlations matrixes into numerical values. In point, this approach applied in Auto Part industry (case study: Bahman Khodro Group) and identified suitablt enablers in this industry. Supply chain management in this industry was recognized as the most important enabler . knowledge management, information technology, concurrent engineering, team building, project management, hardware, and were then placed in the ranks. The main limitations of this research can be time consuming due to the calculation of the QFD cited. In this study, due to better express dependencies and Correlations at HOQ fuzzy numbers were used to describe the relationship accurately.