After the industrial economy span that caused many changes in the human life and the human systems, now we are facing a new era in the electronic revolution. One of the symbols of this electronic revolution is Mobile Commerce. Nowadays, this new style of trading has been used in many parts of the globe especially, in the developing countries. Now the fundamental question is how to design and explain the business development model. To solve this issue, the present exploratory study has been conducted, with the scoring and weighting the extracted factors and making items for them, by the Delphi panel of experts (during four rounds), the researcher found three dimensions (technological, social and personality) and twelve new variables. These variables formed the conceptual model of Mobile Commerce. The conceptual model has been examined in the Iranian Virtual Society with designed questionnaire and using AMOS software. The collected data were analyzed using Structural Equation Modeling. For this purpose, initially the structural relationships have been tested by using Confirmatory Factor Analysis, then with a Path Analysis approach the hypotheses have been examined. At the end this research, with the future studies approach and adding the time dimension to the three dimensions, makes the model more dynamic.